Our new sales reporting service


RxAISE is a new sales reporting service from VISUAL NUMBERS offering exceptionally cost-effective National, Regional, Territory, CCG and GP Practice reports using prescription data. 

RxAISE pdf and interactive reports are simple to understand, enhancing customer and market insights, lowering costs and raising profits.

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RxAISE reports are ideal for: 

  • small to medium sized Pharmaceutical and Healthcare sales teams looking for a cost-effective sales reporting solution

  • CSO syndicated sales teams who do not currently receive sales data

  • individual representatives and organisations (such as marketing and recruitment agencies) looking for further prescription data detail at any level.


We have a suite of standard and bespoke RxAISE reports to meet your needs:

  • RxAISE reports provide the exact intelligence you want as you choose the market(s) and key competitors - sales, pricing, trends...

  • RxAISE reports can be adapted for National, Regional, Territory, CCG and/or GP practice level analysis of prescription data (sales and/or volume) depending on your needs

  • RxAISE reports can prioritise the top CCGs or GP Practices to help you define priority targets

  • RxAISE reports can be produced monthly, quarterly, annually, or as a one off

You choose your preferred report structure and delivery method:

1. RxAISE reports as single or multiple PDFs:

  • easy to access and read on any device 

  • require no costly software or sales team training

  • can be easily distributed across teams, or shared with others

2. RxAISE reports as interactive Tableau workbooks:

  • allow you to interrogate the data by filtering and drilling down into the detail 

  • enable you to export the data into Excel for further analysis 

  • use free  Tableau Reader software that is simple to download and use on laptops, PCs and Macs