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Whilst we are all in this current situation, Visual Numbers is offering a FREE sample report which maps out the NEW 135 CCG structure in England and enables you to see 'top 20 CCG' potentials in the dashboard visual. 

Additionally we have the capability to map the new 'Sustainability and transformation plans' (STP) structures and can also group the latest Primary Care Network (PCN) groupings to help you focus your business in alignment with these new NHS structures moving ahead.

Available as PDF reports for overview snapshots or interactive Tableau packaged workbooks for detailed insights.

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RxAISE is a new service from VISUAL NUMBERS which offers exceptionally cost-effective prescription sales reports for National, Regional, Territory, CCG and GP practice level analysis of Sales value and volume for your product and that of your competitors.

These reports are ideal for small to medium sized Pharmaceutical and Healthcare sales teams looking for a cost-effective sales reporting solution. Additionally, they are perfect for CSO syndicated sales teams where they do not receive sales data. Also, they can be purchased by individual representatives and organisations (such as marketing and recruitment agencies) looking for further prescription sales detail at either a UK nationwide level or down to territory, CCG or even GP practice level.

Available as PDF reports for overview snapshots or interactive Tableau packaged workbooks for detailed insights.

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Visual Numbers is currently working with a leading Augmented Intelligence software solutions provider - Squirro - to explore how Pharmaceutical and Healthcare companies can gain better customer insights and improve gathering, analysing and structuring data.

As a result this will  accelerate the business decision process with more valuable information being to hand. Also it will improve customer service and assist businesses to keep ahead of competitors.

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